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3D Printable Model

The instructions here guide you through the steps to make this 90 piece 1:1 model of EIRSAT-1. The 3D print files are arranged into folders which correspond to the step number in the PDF instructions. So start printing at step 1 and work your way through. In some steps you might need to print the same file multiple times. All parts are designed to be printed flat and not need supports. Super glue and a hair dryer are required for some steps and therefore adult supervision is required. The model has been tested in PLA, but choose a filament of your liking. It has been tested at 0.1mm layer height to capture the most detail, but if you are less patient other layer heights should work. Model parts have been designed to click together, if you are finding a tight fit you should try light sanding/deburring of the connectors. The 3D printable EIRSAT-1 model is based on the engineering CAD model designed by the EIRSAT-1 team.

The Printable model was made by Michał Miszta ( with the guidance of David McKeown.

Any issues, comments or improvements can be sent to We hope you enjoy making your own EIRSAT-1!

Download the .zip file with all required files

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