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The 3D printable model is based on the engineering CAD model designed by the EIRSAT-1 team. The printable model files were made by Michał Miszta with guidance from David McKeown.

Side_View - Internal.png

If you have access to a  printer, you can print, cut out and assemble, with tape or glue, a 1:1 paper model of EIRSAT-1. One version has a face that shows the inside of the spacecraft. The other version shows the spacecraft with all faces as in the final Flight Model.

Junior Cycle

Educational resources based around EIRSAT-1 have been developed by OIDE, the support service for teachers and school leaders, funded by the Department of Education. These activities mainly relate to the 'Earth and Space' strand of the Junior cycle science curriculum. They include making your own satellite ground station, building a water rocket and demonstrating radio communication with micro:bits.

Amateur Radio Enthusiasts

ESA has put a call out to radio amateurs from around the world to help listen to the first signs of activity from the satellite in orbit. There are goodies to be won! See here for more information about how to participate and technical info

David and Fergal gave a presentation to South Dublin Radio Club which you can watch here

Information about the modulation and framing formats used, and the contents of the EIRSAT-1 beacons, is available here


Primary School

Educational activities for primary school pupils about space and satellites,  based on EIRSAT-1, have been developed by MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory and ESERO. There is lots of information, colouring, a simple paper model, and a video guide for teachers.

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