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Science Week School Visit


The biggest Science Week yet has officially kicked off and to take part in the events, the EIRSAT-1 story has been shared with a First Year group from Griffeen Community College in Lucan. EIRSAT-1 team member Lána Salmon visited the 16 First Year students this week to tell them all about Ireland’s First Satellite.

The students were extremely interested and asked loads of questions – including will the satellite have a camera on board and how magnetorquers work to control the attitude of the satellite. They were really interested in Gamma-Ray Bursts – these are the extremely energetic events which will be detected by one of our experiments, GMOD. They asked how long EIRSAT-1 will be in orbit, and how long it will take for EIRSAT-1 to get to the International Space Station once launched.

It is really inspiring to see a group of 12-13 year olds so curious and willing to learn. Science Week is all about asking questions and figuring out things, and these students definitely embrace that! We look forward to visiting the students again further into our mission to update them on our progress. In the meantime, keep asking questions!

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