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UCD MSc Space Science & Technology students present their EIRSAT-1 projects


5 EIRSAT-1 team members completed the UCD Space Science and Technology Masters course this year. As part of this course, the students complete a 3 month placement. 3 students this year spent their summer doing EIRSAT-1 research and development.

Kelvin Martins spent his summer in the School of Aerospace Engineering in Queen’s University Belfast. His MSc thesis is based around designing the antennae for EIRSAT-1. This involves modelling the forces on the antennae needed to deploy the antennae at the right time.

Aby Siby Kapalura worked on the thermal models of EIRSAT-1, including modelling the heat generated by the electronic components in EIRSAT-1.

Anand Mohandas spent his summer designing the housing for GMOD, the Gamma-ray Module. This housing needs to hold the crystal securely even during vibrations.

As the new cohort of MSc Space Science & Technology students begin in the coming weeks, we wish the outgoing students good luck!

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